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There are details here I do not want to make open to the public, LJ is a good place for me to discuss these things in a -fairly- safe environment.

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Edit 1/27/2011: I recently removed a bunch of people from my watch list. All of them had inactive journals, but if I removed the wrong person be sure to let me know.

E-mail hacked

My e-mail got hijacked last night.

If you got some spam then PLEASE ignore it.

I re-verified my account this morning so this should stop. (I hope)

I'm assuming this happened because I've been using g-mail on my shitty phone. I changed my password two days ago so I can't think of why this would happen otherwise.
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Djinni Lewis


Working on icons right now. Sorry that things have been slow going. A big part of it was when my tablet bit the dust a few weeks ago. No tablet = no color.

I'm finally ordering my new tablet tonight and I'm inking icons right now. I will be posting updates once the inking is done. Thanks for the donations and sorry for the wait!

Cancelled Icons- Public Entry

In case people didn't see the announcement:

It really really sucks for me to do this since I don't think it fits in the "Icon Day" spirit to renege on the free icons.

But currently I have about 50+ free icons to do and only a little over 20 donations. I've made about 125$. That's it. 125$ for 75 icons is REALLY SHITTY.

I know this kind of thing is a crap shoot, but I didn't expect such high volume of requests over donations. It is not worth the time, or the money, for me to do that much work. Not with my schedule.

I totally understand wanting a free icon. I have taken advantage of a few icon days myself, but the sheer volume I'm faced with vs. the lack of reward is too much. It was my mistake to not put a cap on freebies in the first place.

Icon Days will be open until Friday night, but I will only be accepting donations. All requests are cancelled.


Inspired by djinni's ICON DAY I'm also doing, well, and icon day!

Normally I'm not to keen on undertaking such a potentially massive project, but my job hours have been so bad that the cost of gas alone doesn't make it worth it to get there.

Of course I'm looking for better work, but bills still have to be paid. I have a computer that needs some repair, a car that may need to be repaired AGAIN, and stacks of debts that I need to start getting out of the way.


1. Icons must not contain overtly sexual content. Not gonna draw your characters big butt. Some gore is OK but I'm keeping the details minimal.

2. I accept fan art requests but I simply just suck at caricatures so please don't send me requests of celebrities.

3. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR OWN REFERENCES. This makes things easier for me. If you request fan art, put a reference in there. This is a potentially huge thing so I don't want to waste time digging through google. Written refs are okay.

4. That said: DO NOT SEND ME ADULT REFERENCES. I'm okay with basic nudity but I don't want to see your characters big boner. I do not need a picture of a big boner for a small icon. If you send me a picture of your character hot and bothered I will ignore your request.

5. Feel free to give me a theme to work with. If you'd like you can also give me a small blurb about your character and I'll try to work that into your icon.


7. Remember that this is a fund raiser and not a commission. I will not tweak your icon to your exact specifications. While I want everyone to be happy, there simply isn't any time.


Each icon is going to be 100 x 100. If you would like a larger icon for something like steam or twitter please specify and I'll post a larger file.

Each icon is made traditionally with pen and ink. They're going to be very very similar to the character portraits I use on my website, only with more strict dimensions.


Example One
Example Two
Example Three

Tip Incentives

The more tips I get the more /everyone/ gets!


Due to the high volume of requests and the very low number of donations, I am not doing the free icons.

There is just too much work for too little pay. Everyone who donated, no matter how little, is still getting their icon- but I don't feel its fair that people who paid 20$ should support people who gave nothing.


REACHED 10$ - Congratulations you just paid my Netflix bill. NOW I CAN WATCH HOARDERS ALL I WANT!
REACHED100$ - Everyone gets colored icons. EVERYONE GETS COLORED ICONS.
250$ - Everyone who tips gets two icons!
400$ - A randomly chosen person gets a one page COMIC REQUEST. Got an idea? I will totally draw it.
600$ - A randomly chosen person gets a two page COMIC REQUEST.

More than that? - I'll post a picture of my corgi eating a watermelon.

That said, have fun guys! I know I'm linking this across a variety of sites but it's easier to keep everything organized on an LJ then it is on a tumblr. Anon is open so you don't have to have an LJ account to comment. Please keep in mind that this is normally a very person LiveJournal and I will NOT be adding people back if you friend me. Sorry.

If you aren't familiar with my work please check out my new website here: and my art tumblr here: